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Human Resources 

Efesan Group HR Policy 

In all its moves, Efesan Group is driven by the awareness that human resources are the foremost asset to distinguish itself against its competitors in a globalized world.

The Company therefore places a major importance on the motivation and satisfaction of its employees. Employing 800 people, Efesan Group is proud for the benefit it offers to the society while it achieves its own development and growth.

At Efesan Group, we believe in a structure which is comprised of people who coalesce their own future with that of their organization and who create value through their works. 

Vision of the Human Resources 
To have a skilled and productive workforce which is committed to and has adopted the values of the organization.

Mission of the Human Resources 
To perpetuate our employees' satisfaction which is the foremost factor for a sustainable achievement of our organization by creating an exciting and proud work environment; To become the most preferred group and maintain this position by improving the knowledge, skill and competence of the highly-qualified employees of our Group which is customer-oriented, responsible against its society and cares for its ethical values, and which always aims to win. 


In addition to "Valuing the Human", Efesan Group's list of values also includes "Reliability, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Quality Orientation, Customer Orientation, Will-To-Succeed", and our human resources to implement these values are established through a meticulous selection process.

Efesan Group recruits experienced or inexperienced personnel for being trained depending on its needs. Inexperienced personnel to be recruited in our Group are picked up from among the candidates having a strong educational background and open to learning, while the choice of the experienced personnel is made from among the candidates that can contribute to the Company. In addition to the skills needed by their respective departments, levels and positions; all candidates are also required to fulfill some common criteria.

Recruitment procedures which also include structured tools and measurement of the competences and technical skills of the candidates are conducted meticulously, and candidates are selected accordingly.

Apprenticeship :

Efesan Group provides apprenticeship opportunity to the university and vocational high school students for the purpose of developing and raising the human resources which it will need in the industries where it has operations.

Apprenticeship for High School Students :

Vocational high school students' applications for apprenticeship at Efesan Group are accepted during the summer period, and are conducted during the period between September and June when the schools are open. The number of the students to be apprenticed, their occupational area, and the apprenticeship days are determined by the departments through the "Apprenticeship Request Form". And the apprenticeship process is started upon the receipt of the students' occupational training agreements from their respective schools during the first week of the schools' opening in September.

Apprenticeship for University Students :

Apprenticeship period for the university students are decided and announced by the Human Resources Department in line with the closure dates of their universities and colleges. Volunteering students who certify their obligation to have apprenticeship via the documents issued by their university are asked to fill the "Application Form". Application forms of the students are grouped in accordance with the students' preferences of the work/department. The number of students, requested qualifications and the period of apprenticeship provided by the departments are identified through the "Apprenticeship Request Forms" submitted by the departments. Relevant departments make their selections from among the list of the applicant students also in line with their project-based works. Apprenticeship period for the university students is between June and September. And accordingly, the students start their apprenticeship on the pre-determined dates.

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