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Message from the Chairman


Dear Customers, Employees and Business Partners,

Efesan Group continues on its half-a-century run, leaving behind 45 years. Laying the foundation of the Efesan Group with rolling mill business in 1972, parallel with its growth strategy the Group has expanded with investments in casting industry, logistics and port management, real estate development and construction.

The year 2016 unfortunately became a year in which we went through many saddening incidents one after another both in our country and in the world.

We know that a healthy corporate structure is the pillar of sustainable success. Therefore in 2016 we have focused on our organizational restructuring with emphasis on visionary leadership, success with employees and business partners for a sustainable future. We also gave priority to internal productivity and efficiency projects in our Group companies and built our vision for the next 5 years.

 “Sustainability”,”Trust” and “Growth” are the fundamentals of our vision which we harmonise it with our focus on quality and harness with our values.

Ferro Döküm, our leading company producing casting parts for leading automotive, general machinery, hydraullic sectors in Turkey and abroad, has taken place in “Top 500 Industrial Enterprises” of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, and took place in the first 500 of Turkish Exporter’s Assembly Survey for Top 1000 Exporters. With investments on robotic machinery in 2016, Ferro Döküm continues to harmonise its production with technology. Ferro Döküm also initiated preliminary work on establishing a R&D Center aiming to produce innovative products with high export potential  depending less on imported materials.

With the full acquisition of Şesan in 2014, we aim to create synergy between our strength in casting industry with the machining and spare parts manufacturing. Besides the automotive sector we plan to take place in alternative sectors providing  value-added solutions for our business partners.

The brands FRR (Roller Bearings) and STI (Scaffolding Parts) of Efesan Demir, were promoted and diversified in 2016.

EfesanPort, has reached quite an important scale at Dilovası with port management and logistics in 2016. Efesanport has started building an additional quay to further improve its service quality. The project plan for the construction of the second part of the Logistic Hub is completed.

The residential construction project Blox Haliç, located at Kağıthane region in Istanbul which has started in 2016 will be completed by the end of 2017.

Efesan Group works with “WE Concept”. We consider our stakeholders, employees, customers, business partners as members of our family.

We value our strategic role as an industrialist in our country. Therefore, we will continue to work with our best effort to enhance our role in our country and in the world.

I would like to thank to our employees, customers and business partners for their contribution for our continuing success. We hope that 2017 bring peace and prosperity to our country and to the World. 

Kadir EFE
Chairman, Efesan Group