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To become a pioneering and competitive corporation in the national and international level in the industries it is operating, always aiming to succeed; to carry the EFESAN GROUP signature which does not compromise on products, quality and trust in the services that it generates and provides through its subsidiaries today and in the future that shall be carried out to future generations as well with an understanding of honesty, sustainability and commitment to its values. 

As Efesan Grup, our mission is to use modern management techniques and technology in the industries that we are operating by remaining committed to professional ethics and discipline for the development of our country’s economy and in a creative, innovative way that constantly improves its employees, and in a way that meets the expectations of its customers at the highest level in terms of economy and service and to work to improve the life quality of the society. 



Efesan Grup’s corporate culture has taken its shape today by developing with the contribution of the new values by its employees ever since the day it was established.

Our fundamental values and work principles that we believe in and that have always guided us are as follows;

Respect and Commitment
We do our job in the best possible way with a devoted dedication. We build all our relations within the framework of love and respect, this way we build long term partnerships based on trust.
We are consistent, we keep our promises no matter what. 

Becoming “Us”
People make the difference. As a talented and visionary group that loves its job, we make a difference in what we do. We believe that we will grow by sharing and we can be more efficient and productive by acknowledging that the true owners of our corporations are everybody who work for them. We respect each other’s expertise and we trust each other. We work with an understanding that “we are a family” and both the successes we achieve as a group and as individuals belong to all of us. We consider our suppliers and our customers for whom we provide goods and services as members of our family, with an understanding of “us”.

When we take the needs of our customers’ and industries’ needs into consideration; we constantly conduct studies to improve our existing goods and services. We can offer new and smart possibilities to our customers thanks to training and constant improvement.

Sustainable Growth 
We develop strategies that can adapt to change. While continuing our work in what we do best, we constantly monitor the industries and continue to grow through new markets and goods. 

We are open to new ideas and different perspectives, we know that everybody including ourselves should do their part to implement change in a fast and flawless way. We believe in the power of change. We always appreciate a job well done. 

Corporate Responsibility 
We are responsible to each other, to the society and the environment. We inform our customers and suppliers on this subject and we abide by the legal regulations.