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Efesan Iron Industry and Trade Inc.


A country's development is only on the wings of a strong iron and steel industry as it feeds input for all industry branches.

Iron and steel industry which is among the world's oldest industry branches comes first among the fastest growing industries in Turkey as in the rest of the world due to a growing economy and increased industrial production. Efesan Group, has entered the iron-steel industry in 1972 with the manufacture of angle iron and subsequently founded Efesan Iron Industry and Trade Inc. in 1985 in line with its growth strategy in the iron-steel industry.

Iron-steel production which has a crucial role and place for many industries will continue this importance in the future as in the past and present. Efesan Demir has a key role in Efesan Group’s maintenance of its activities and continued investments in industries such as real the real property development and investment, machining, construction and port operation.

Having produced flat and ribbed construction iron since 2010, Efesan Demir has satisfied the requirements and expectations of its customers without compromising on quality throughout the years of its operation in line with its environmentally sensitive understanding of service, and currently it is focusing its activities  on cutting of the construction iron (for use in columns), mesh reinforcement, stirrup, bent bar and iron square specific to the project.

Efesan Demir uninterruptedly continues its projects for the production and sale of its FRR (bearing carrier) and STI (scaffold parts) in order to offer superior products and services to the construction and mechanical industry.


Merkez: Vişnezade Mahallesi, Abacı Latif Sokak,
No: 26/8, 34357 Maçka / Beşiktaş / İstanbul
Tel: 0212 288 70 70  Faks: 0212 288 70 78

Fabrika: Güzeltepe Mah. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bulv.
Alibeyköy 34060 Eyüp/İstanbul
Tel: 0212 625 56 86  Faks: 0212 626 45 71