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Ferro Casting Industry and Foreign Trade Inc.


Ferro Döküm, one of the prominent producers in casting production sector, was established in 1970 and started production in 1972. Ferro Döküm produces casting parts for automotive, general machinery, electricity, hydraulic and construction sectors in a wide range of 0.3 kg to 120 kg.

Ferro Döküm continues its activities in Gebze / Kocaeli zone, over a total area of 65.000 m2 with covered area 38.500 m2 with annual capacity of 75.000 tons Ferro Döküm continues to act one of the key player in sector with technical expertise and proficient staff.

An innate ability to produce the firsts of its industry coupled with a competent and skilled manpower and knowledge led Ferro Döküm to produce the first nodular cast iron, the first SİMo nodular cast iron, and the first nodular cast iron in vertical molding line among the private Turkish foundries. 80 percent of Ferro Döküm’s production is consisted of nodular cast iron, and the remaining 20 percent of grey cast iron.

Maintaining its operations with an environmentally sensitive, quality and competitive understanding, Ferro Döküm exports a great portion of its production to the automotive and white goods industry in Western Europe, and made a distinguished name for itself thanks to its quality production activity for the leading brands of the world.

demircelik    Cumhuriyet Mahallesi 2253 Sk. No:13 Gebze Kocaeli
   Tel: 0262 653 42 60 (Pbx)
   Faks: 0262 653 18 52