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Efektif Real Estate Development and Investment  


Real estate industry maintains its importance in Turkey in line with the improving economical fundamentals and due to the changing demographic factors.  

Efesan Group, aiming to transfer the knowledge it earned in the course of its long years of operation in the industrial sector to the real estate industry, keeps the bar at the very high in terms of the quality standards when it comes to the activities of Efektif Gayrimenkul Geliştirme ve Yatırım A.Ş. Efektif Gayrimenkul is driven by the target of becoming one of the leading companies in the real estate development industry by boosting the people's confidence for it with its “zero error” target and quality oriented projects.

Having completed the delivery of the first (3 blocks, 62 apartments) and second (4 blocks, 92 apartments) stages of its "Blox Haliç" housing project in Kağıthane, Istanbul which is designed by the world famous Architect Han Tümertekin, Efektif Gayrimenkul continues its activities for the completion of the remaining stages of Blox Haliç. Additionally, the Company also conducts site, project development and research activities for its project in Ömerli, Istanbul for the construction of villas which will introduce dynamism to the industry.

Aware of the fact that real estate investment is an area requiring specialization, Efektif Gayrimenkul makes its research and project preparations accordingly. Managing to have things done with the highest quality and with the most appropriate prices by working with the "best" of their fields, and ensuring investments that guarantee its investors a good premium are important indicators of Efektif Gayrimenkul's specialization in its field.

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